It is 1982.   Two dudes come forth from the womb into separate but similar rooms filled with pings, pongs, and other electronic noisiness.

It is 1987.   Two dudes are recording themselves onto various pieces of magnetic tape.   (Two dudes' respective moms can ascertain, and perhaps even furnish proof, upon inquiry.)

It is 2007.   The trade winds bloweth.   Here comes Pretty & Nice down from Vermont (a state where real Vermont honey flows like real Vermont milk).   They locate a house with the proper dimensions and cosmic alignment, and commence throwing all of their earthly possessions (which, luckily for all of you in e-land, consist almost entirely of sundry sound type gear) inside.   After methodically placing this there and that other-where, they happen upon yet another wire monger who inquires thusly about thenceforth participating in future wiring and, moreover, suggests a non-hostile merger.   And so it came then to pass that more various (and, yes, sundry) gear was hoisted into, over, and about this fair house.

It is 2013.   The once newly arrived have now escaped into new and glorious spaces.   They have used, and will continue to use their sundries to record many an audio moment.   Now with the assistance of compadre and solder-sire, Jerry MacDonald, they forge forward.

All in all, if you wanna make a far out record that don't hurt to listen to (unless, of course, you want it to), come on down to Odd Fellows Recording and fill our hall with hymns and hollers, y'all.