Dan GDan Gonzales:

Born Daniel Paul Gonzales to parents Pamela Ann & Edmond Daniel Gonzales of Milford, MA. Dan likes tape and pedals and things of the likey. Dan has been in bands (Calumet-Hecla, Mind Yeti), and is in bands (AM Internet, Rat Date). Dan would love to record you and yours. It would behoove Dan to make zany analogies while recording you on to various pieces of polyester dribbled with magnetically charged dressing. Toasty. Charge.



JeremyJeremy Mendicino:

Born Jeremy Joel Mendicino to parents Donna Foster-Mendicino and Jerome Mendicino of Burlington, VT. Jeremy likes tape. It's arguable that Jeremy likes tape too much. Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy... Jeremy used to be in bands called Video Pigeon and Holding Napoleon. Now, Jeremy is in bands called Pretty & Nice and Bozmo. Jeremy would love to record you onto various pieces of polyester dribbled with magnetic syrup. He would also like to then invite you to chew on said charged plastic until the sound is transfigured into uncertain screeching gurble. Tasty. Vegan?