Though we prefer to plot time by the day (so we don't have to watch the clock like scientists), we can also offer an hourly rate. For a full 8 hour day (plus rests for food, drink, smoke, etc) we ask a contribution of $250. If you just want to come in to quickly track your new acoustic cover of 'The Sesame Street Theme Song,' we ask a meager $35/hr. These costs include an engineer, who can run the gambit from clinically accurate science guy to total lunatic producer. Email us and let's talk about what you need us to be, yes?

Tape Rental / Digi Files :

We run several different formats, all tasty in different ways. Each of our tape machines uses a different tape width, spare reels of which we can arrange to have on hand if you so choose. If you'd like to own the tape you work on, you can either bring in your own tape (consult us first, please!), or we can purchase the tape for you. If you want to rent a reel of tape for your session/s, we will digitally backup your tracks at the end of the session/s and, so long as you bring a hard drive with, you can take the tracks home without lugging around 40+ pounds of tape. If you don't want to record in the analog domain and would prefer to record directly into the box-o-binary (aka 'The Robot'), you don't have to worry about purchasing media. Again, email us and we can talk about whatcha need. Here are some simple numbers for you in the meanwhile:


1/4" $10/reel
1/2" $20/reel
1" $30/reel
2" $40/reel


1/4" New: $50 / Used: $20
1/2" New: $90 / Used: $40
1" New: $160 / Used: $60 ($100 w/out splices)
2" New: $270 / Used: $75 ($120 w/out splices)