Sony/MCI JH24 2'' 24 track (30 / 15 ips)
Tascam MS-16 1'' 16 track (15 ips, dbx)
Fostex G16 1/2'' 16 track (15 ips, dolby)
Fostex 80 1/4'' 8 track (15 ips, dolby)
Teac A-2340 1/4'' 4 track (3 3/4 / 7 1/2 ips)
Teac 40-4 1/4'' 4 track (7 1/2 / 15 ips)
Tascam 414 cassette 4 track (3 3/4 ips, dbx)


Alesis HD24 24 track Hard Drive Recorder (EC2 Converters w/ AKM 5393 AD/DA) (2)
Alesis Masterlink
Alesis ADAT XT20
Pro Tools 9
Cool Edit Pro (!)
Ableton Live


RME HDSP 9256 (16in 16out ADAT optical)
Alesis Masterlink
Alesis MasterControl (26in 8out + DAW Control Surface)


Tascam M-520
Tascam PE-20 / EX-20 (additional inputs)
Alesis MasterControl DAW Control Surface


AKG D12 (2)
AKG C3000b
Audio Technica AT4033 (2)
Audio Technica AT3527 (2)
Audio Technica ST90
Audix D1 (2)
EV N/D967
EV 635A
Karma K35 FET
Karma K58 Tube
Karma K6 Ribbon
Oktavia MK-012 (2)
Sampson VR88 Ribbon
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser e602
Sennheiser e604
Shiny Box 46MXL Ribbon
Shure 57 (5)
Shure 58 (3)
Shure SM81
Studio Projects B1
Not to mention a myriad of amazing 'shitty' mics!


Altec 1592A
Ampex 601 (transport removed)
Ampex 602 (transport removed)
Bellari 220
No Toasters Nice Pair
PreSonus BlueTube
Seventh Circle Audio modular rack (w/ N72 [2] & A12 [1] modules)
Shure M67
Shure M267
Symetrics 302
SansAmp Bass Driver DI


Alesis 3630 FET
Behringer Multigate
Bellari RP583 tube VCA
Dbx 119 VCA
Dbx 163 VCA
Dbx 166A
Furman LC-2 limiter/comp
RNC 1773
Valley People Dyna-mite VCA expander/comp/gate


Aphex 109 2-channel parametric
Alesis DEQ830 8-channel digital graphic
MXR M-114 graphic
Marantz stereo 31-band graphic
Realistic stereo 31-band graphic
Shure Audio Master M63
Tapco 2200 dual 10-band graphic
White 4200A 1/3 octave cut-only graphic


ADA .64i Digital Delay
Alesis Akira
Alesis Bitrman (2)
Alesis Microverb
Alesis Microverb II
Alesis Microverb IV (2)
Boss GL-100 Guitar Driver
Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb/Delay
Digitech RDS4000 Digital Delay
Ibanez AD190 Time Machine
Lexicon MPX 100
Pioneer SR-202 Spring Reverb
Sansui RA-500 Spring Reverb (2)
TC Electronics M300
Teac 40-4 (used as slapback echo)
Unknown Stereo Expander (pulled from a radio station)
Yamaha REX-50


Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus
Arion OD-1 Overdrive
Arion Tubulator Overdrive/Distortion
Arion Octave
Akai Headrush (2 - EC1 & EC2)
Barber LTD
Boss ME-6B
Boss Tremelo
Boss Line Selector
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner (3)
Boss PS-2 Pitch Shift/Delay
Custom Line Boost
Danelectro Fab Flange
Danelectro Fab Distortion
Danelectro Back Talk Reverse Delay
DeArmond 1650 Pan/Volume
Digitech Whammy II
Digitech Whammy-Wah XP100
Death By Audio Soundwave Breakdown
Death By Audio Total Sonic Anhihilator
DOD 250 (original yellow)
DOD Supra Distortion FX55-B
DOD Supra Distortion FX55-C (2)
DOD Envelope Filter FX25
DOD Bass Grunge FX92 (rehoused)
DOD 270 A/B Box (2)
DOD 240 4ch Resistance Mixer
DOD DFX91 Digital Delay/Sampler 1 sec (modded to self-oscillate)
DOD DFX94 Digital Delay/Sampler 4 sec
DOD FX20 Stereo Phaser
DOD Flashback Fuzz
Effector 13 Krackle Fuzz
EH Big Muff π
EH Big Muff π (rehoused)
EH Holy Grail (2)
EH Tube Zipper
EH 2880 w/Foot Pedal stereo 4-track looper with track mixer
Ernie Ball stereo Volume Pedal (2)
Guyatone MD3
Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer
Ibanez TS-5 Tube Screamer
Jacques Fuse Blower
Klon Centaur
Line6 DL4 Digital Delay/Looper (2)
Line6 Stereo Tap Tremelo
Maestro Fuzz-Tone
MidFi Electronics Glitch Computer
MoogerFooger Lowpass Filter
Moollon Compressor
Morley Distortion Wah Volume
Nobels ODR-S
ProCo Vintage Rat
ProCo Juggernaut Bass Rat
Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive (2)
Subdecay Octasynth
ZVEX Fuzz Factory
Expression Pedals from almost every maker.


Acoustic 104 6x10 cab
AMP BH420 head
Ampeg B2 1x15 cab
Ampeg B-25B 2x15 cab
Califone 1x12 cab
Crate BX-25
Custom 1x15 cab
Custom 16X5 cab (!!)
Earth Module 340 or Guitar/Bass 1000 (solid state 100 watt)
EV 1x12 monitor wedge
Fender Blackface Bandmaster
Fender Blackface Bassman
Fender Silverface Super Reverb (pre-master volume)
Fender Silverface Pro Reverb head (modded from full combo)
Fender Silverface Vibrolux (modded to blackface)
Fender Bandmaster 2x12 small cab
Fender Bandmaster 2x12 large cab
Fender Bandmaster 2x12 large cab (w/ pa speakers & horn)
Gibson BR-1 (1946) 1x12 combo w/Jensen Field-coil speaker (8th wonder of the world!!)
Heil Sound 4x12 cab
JBL G731 monitor wedge
Kustom II 11-B head
Kustom Kasino CON-L head
Kustom Kasino CON-B head
Kustom Tuck & Roll 4x10 cab (2)
Marshall 1960B 4x12 cab
Norma GA-97T
Peavey Bandit 65 (1x12)
Peavey 115DL PA speakers (2)
Rickenbacker TR14 (modded into Fender cab w/ single Yamaha 12")
Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve head
Silvertone 1474 Twin Twelve head
Silvertone 15 watt head
Sunn Concert Controller 6ch mixer/amp
Vibration Technology PM60A head
Westbury Model 550 (solid state 2x12)


Alesis X Guitar
Alverez Dreadnought 12-string
Aria Pro II PE-R60
Aria Pro II Les Paul copy
Aria Pro II 335 copy
Aria Pro II 'The Cat'
Axl El Dorado
Burns Split Sound
Cort Les Paul copy
Cort Effector
Danelectro '59
Dean Boca 12-string
Eastwood Classic 12-string
Epiphone AJ-15E
Epiphone Special (w/ Strat neck p/u & Rick toaster bridge p/u)
Epi 00 copy
Fender Jazzmaster ('76)
Fender Black Strat I (w/ G&L bridge p/u)
Fender Black Strat II (w/ Carvin neck p/u)
Fender Gemini II Dreadnought
Frankenstein Red Tele I (w/ Strat middle p/u & Schaller T3 bridge p/u)
Frankenstein Red Tele II (w/ Schaller T3 bridge p/u)
Global (sunburst)
Gibson Melody Maker ('59)
Harmony Silhouette
Harmony Sovereign
Ion Dreadnought
Jap thing (purple)
Martin Sigma Dreadnought
Norma (sunburst)
Oscar Schmidt Uke
Series A Bullet copy
Squier Blonde Tele I
Squier Blonde Tele II
Squier White Strat
Sterling Les Paul copy (w/ Baldwin p/u's)
Teisco Del Rey (hollow body)


Aria Hi-Flyer copy
Fender Mexi Jazz
Fender Mustang ('73)
Hamer Slammer p-bass
Ibanez Roadstar II
Jap thing (black)
Peavey Patriot
Univox Hi-Flyer copy
Yamaha Fretless


Akai Deca Buddy (module)
Akai MPK25 (controller)
Alesis Fusion 6HD
Alesis QS6
Arp 4 Voice Piano
Casio Casiotone 501
Casio CZ-101
Casio SK-1 (circuit bent)
Casio SK-8 (circuit bent)
Casio VL-Tone
Crumar Toccata Organ
Evolution MK461-C (controller)
Hammond spinet w/ Rhythm II & Leslie
Magnus Chord Organ
McPhail Upright Piano (circa 1904)
Moog MG1 (2)
Moog Rogue
Moog L'il Phatty
Realistic Rap-Master
Realistic Concertmate 450
Realistic Concertmate 500 (Casio SK copy - circuit bent w/patch bay)
Roland Juno 106
Roland Organ/Strings 09
Songmax HMP-138
Yamaha CP-70B Electric/Acoustic Piano
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha PSS-12


Akai S6000
Akai MPC 1000 w/JJOS 4.99j or Original Akai OS' (2)
Akai Remix 16
Alesis SR-18
Alesis DM5 Drum Module
Alesis Trigger|iO trigger-to-MIDI interface
Boss SP-303
Hammond Rhythm II Organ Built-in
Linn Drum
Mattell Synsonics Drums
Yamaha RX11
(We also have the typical - ie 'classic' - vintage drum machine samples, as well as many of our own custom sounds.)


Slingerland Radio King repro snare (black cherry)
Ludwig 14'' alluminum snare (70s)
Ludwig 3'' x 13'' Classic Maple Piccolo Snare Ludwig white 4pc (late 70s)
Ludwig red 4pc (late 70s)
Ludwig/Gretch copy purple sparkle 4pc (60s/70s)
Tama Rockstar silver 3pc
Yamaha Stage Custom black 5pc (early 90s)
Various other Slingerland, Ludwig, and no name


Numerous junk and non-junk cymbals - Zildian, Sabian, Dream, Camber - but Please bring your own! We break our own cymbals fast enuff ;)