MIX#8: Dude Peace / Chick Peace

MIX #8 Here’z a little reminder, folks.    Big thingz a’ comin’.    Hold onto them hatz.    Or maybe let go instead.    <3 <3 <3

MIX#7: Ossteridgedair (the Mix-0-6)

Here’s a little greatest hits of life from years past. Nuggets of noise. Download, unzip, check out the txt file, decide whether or not you approve, make yourself a healthy snack, drag it on into iiiiiTunes. P&N MIX#7


OMG.  I jjust hhhhad to make a mix.   Full of all good things.     Download it, unzip it, put it in your ipod’s brains, read that tracklist txt file, ponder things, stop pondering things.    Delicious. P&N MIX#6

MIX#4 & MIX#5: Yellow & Mellow

Installments #4 & #5, people! I missed Actual momerz day… so i made myself feel better today by mixin’ up some goods for the ol’ lady! And BONUS: Because i’d ALREADY created the 4th mix installment and had all the files all sorted and queued up on standby, you get 2 mixes all at once! […]